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Changing the world one spray at a time

Asterisk Coatings brings Vipeq's range of natural environmentally friendly performance coatings down under.


We join a network of international distributors from over 20 countries including, Spain, Canada, UK, Belgium, USA, South Korea and more. 

Whether your a home or commercial property owner looking to add a decorative finish, refresh appearances or add comfort from Spray Corks Thermal Insulating properties now is the time to decorate and save in the future!

Learn more about the global success of Vipeq's Spray Cork and other environmentally friendly performance coatings, as seen on Grand Designs (UK), Holmes on Homes (Nth America), and Holmes approved.

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Thermal Insulator

Thermal Conductivity of 0.058 W/mK

Save on your energy bills by reducing the load on your Air Conditioner and / or heater

Cork Facts - The Cork Harvest

The harvesting of Cork trees in Portugal alone offsets some 14 million tonnes of CO2 per annum ...

MAP - by Vipeq

Waterproofing membrane made from recycled rubber particles

Seamless, Flexible & Elastic

From your high rise roof, balcony & terraces, one finish, one hundred percent waterproof

Trafficable & Stable

Once applied there is no need to overcoat. MAP is UV stable and walkable

Cork Facts - The Life of Cork

Did you now that a cork oak tree will provide renewable material for approximately 200 years, and is harvested every 7 - 10 years...



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