"F" Series

Insulating, decorative

spray cork coatings


Fire Retardant

Cork naturally reflects heat from a fire and wont create ash or propgate flames.



Fire Resistance

(UNE-EN 13501:2002)




Water Resistant

F.10 when used with Vipeq EPQ is suitable to waterproof roofs, balconies and more.

F.08 & F.09 are both waterproof to the natural elements.



Fade Resistant




Fade rates proven to be up to 400% slower than traditional acrylic coatings!

Acoustic Insulator

Cork is a natural acoustic insulator, providing sound dampening properties that reduce noise transfer and soften reverberations




"F" Series


10+ Year Warranty

When correctly applied by Asterisk Coatings Certified Applicators using the latest in spray technology your new "F" Series finish carries a full manufacturers warranty for a decade or more of minimal maintenace.

"Product of the Century"

Mike Holmes,

North American TV Celebrity and Licensed Builder

Thermal Insulator

Ideal in hot or cold climates, "F" Series provide excellent thermal insulation by creating a true, continuous thermal break!

Reduce your Energy Bills by Insulating from the outside!

Vipeq F.08 ("F" Series F.08)

Thermal Conductivity

W/mk = 0.058 (equivilant to an R Value of 1*)

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