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About us...

Asterisk Coatings are the exclusive distributor of VIPEQ products including its international success - Spray Cork, throughout Australasia.

As part of the Asterisco Group we combine industry experience and global networks to bring multiple leading International brands to the Australian marketplace through Asterisk Coatings and Asterisk Hygiene identities.

We aim to ensure that in one form or another all of our products have you in mind. We strive to work with innovative firms who also believe in sustainability and best practice models.

From your health to that of the environment's we like to make conscious decisions when selecting the brands we represent. The collective brands we offer into the Australian and New Zealand marketplaces all offer class leading results overseas and like us have strong family values at the core of their organisations.



are the leading Spanish producers of natural materials for the construction industry. Their products are specifically designed to insulate buildings - thermally, acoustically and also for waterproofing purposes.

Vipeq have products that are used in  new construction works, rejuvenation and refurbishment projects.

Sustainable construction is at the core of what we strive for.