Beautifully unique finish, saves you money

from a renewable source.

F.08 - Standard


VIPEQ - F.08

A soft feel, coarse texture decorative coating.

Manufactured from a mixture of selected cork particles, with different types of water-based resins, organic polymers, mineral charges, stabilisers and special additives.

F.08's composition makes it a natural insulation material, highly effective in breaking thermal bridges, and preventing spread of fire.

Suitable for broad wall areas, interior and exterior and available in a wide range of fashionable colours.

Whether you have selected F.08 for it's superior thermal insulation properties, it's premium look and feel aesthetics or it's fire retardant properties, acoustic installation benefits or any of the many other unique properties there is one thing that can't be overlooked. 

This has to be one of the most sustainable, environmentally friendly products available for the construction industry today!


Our product is a natural thermal barrier which greatly reduces hot or cold penetrating your home. 


Cork naturally reflects heat from a fire and wont create ash or propogate flames.


Receive a 10 year warranty on our lifetime product when applied by certified applicators.


Spray Cork fades at 1-2% per annum with many other coatings fading at around 10% per annum!


VIPEQ - F.09

A soft feel, fine texture decorative coating.

The refined "little brother" of F.08, this lower profile texture is perfect for interiors or smoother external substrates.

F.09 carries all the benefits previously listed for F.08 and is available in all the same colours.

As for all of Vipeq's Spray Cork range (Asterisk Coatings "F" Series) the product is applied by certified applicators using the latest in spray technology. Once correctly applied and certified your new "F" Series finish carries a full manufacturers warranty for a decade or more of minimal maintenance.

With fade rates proven to be up to 400% slower than traditional acrylic coatings you truly can rest easy and enjoy your newly finished environment.

Oh, and have we mentioned the savings on your electricity bills and the life extension in your HVAC equipment as it is not working so hard all the time.

"F" Series benefits equally those in extreme heat or cold locations.


F.09 - Fino

F.10 - Waterproof*


VIPEQ - F.10

A soft feel, coarse texture decorative waterproofing coating.

VIPEQ F10 is a granulate mixture of cork, water-based acrylic resins, organic polymers, mineral charges and waterproofing featured additives.

Its composition make this product perfect to coat roofs and terraces, lead encapsulation and industrial buildings aesthetics rejuvenation.

*Vipeq F10, when applied as part of a system including Vipeq EPQ is a full waterproofing system.

VIPEQ F10 extends the lifespan of the materials exposed to atmospheric conditions such as tiles, ribbed panels, corrugated iron & steel whilst preventing the ingress of water.


Vipeq F10, with EPQ is suitable for collection of potted water, and fully waterproofs your substrate when the full Vipeq specified system is applied correctly by one our Asterisk Coatings trained and certified independent applicators.


& Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's).

Acoustic Insulator

Cork is a natural acoustic  insulator, providing sound dampening properties.

Reduce noise transfer and

soften reverberations


Thermal Insulator

Reduce Energy use, 

Reduce Energy Bills!

by Creating a Thermal Break

Vipeq F.08 W/mK = 


Fire Retardent

Cork naturally reflects heat from a fire and wont create ash or propogate flame

Fire resistance (UNE-EN 13501:2002) Bs2d0 y Broof (t1)

Water Resistant

F.08 & F.09 are Permeable to Water Vapour, Waterproof to Rain Water

F.10 is impermeable to Water Vapour and used on roofs to waterproof*


Durable & Flexible

Mould Resistant


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