Why Choose "F" Series Spray Cork?


Cork naturally reflects heat from a fire and wont create ash or propogate flames.


Our product is a natural thermal barrier which greatly reduces hot or cold penetrating your home. 


Receive a 15 year warranty on our lifetime product when applied by certified applicators.


Spray Cork fades at 1-2% per annum with many other coatings fading at around 10% per annum!

Thermal Insulation

"F" Series Spray Cork by Vipeq creates a true thermal break. 


If you are currently running air conditioning or gas heating to your property you can expect to save considerable $$ on your future energy bills once applying Spray Cork to the external of your property.


Whilst results will vary from property to property due to positioning of windows, the directional facing of your property and existing levels of insulation we have seen first hand reductions of between 20% & 50% on energy consumption post application of our Spray Cork. 

Flexible / Elastic Performance

Spray Cork has superior flexibility.


Unlike traditional render systems "F" Series Spray Cork by Vipeq can withstand building material expansion and contraction, removing the common unsightly cracking and hairline cracking seen in most render finishes.

Spray Cork is a superior coating that can be applied directly to substrate in most instances and withstand the movements at joints and other intersections, keeping your property looking great for decades.

Fire Retardant

Cork is naturally fire retardant, and provides "F" Series Spray Cork inherently with the same properties.


Proven in the field and in the lab to not release incandescent particles, or propagate flames. It slows or stops the spread of flame, reducing the intensity of the fire.

Add an extra layer of protection to your property on top of the many other benefits of this naturally wonderful coating.

Take a look at this video of a property in Spain - note the red building is coated in Vipeq Spray Cork. A simple wash down and recoat with no structural damage despite the intense fire next door.

Take a look at this video of a property in Spain - note the red building is coated in Vipeq Spray Cork. A simple wash down and recoat with no structural damage despite the intense fire next door.

Acoustic Insulator

Another benefit of "F" Series Spray Cork is its ability to dampen sound reverberations.


This is great for homes near busy roads, internally can be used in media rooms to great effect as well as large open office spaces and sporting facilities as well.


Mike Holmes - North American TV Celebrity and licensed builder

Mould & Mildew Resistant

shutterstock_1493286575_No Mould.jpg

The natural properties of cork combined with Vipeq's exclusive formulation has been laboratory tested and proven to show zero (o) mould or mildew growth on our product.

"F" Series Spray Cork can help with existing mould issues from both the inside and out of your property. 

Mould can be a dangerous, and often unseen health hazard. Just like thermal transfer we say - stop it at the source.

Durability & Colour Fastness

"F" Series Spray Cork by Vipeq has been tested extensively in the lab and in the field for more than 15 years around the world.


The colour's in our standard range have all be shown to fade on average by just 1 - 2% per annum. Many traditional paint systems can fade up to 10% p/a in comparison.

The thermal properties of Cork mentioned above extend to it's own durability as well, with Cork never freezing. We demonstrate this in our video showing our product submerged in liquid nitrogen and still remaining flexible when removed. This will be feature in a blog post shortly.


& Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's).

Eco-Friendly, Sustainable

Cork is a naturally wonderful product. Not only does it provide "F" Series Spray Cork with the benefits listed on this page, but it provides so much to the natural environment we all call home.

Firstly, no cork oak tree is damaged in sourcing the raw material for our product. In fact each time a tree is harvested it is being looked after. A cork oak tree lives for hundreds of years and is harvested (bark gets removed) every 9 years or so in that life time. 

During it's life a tree sucks in tonnes of Co2, and returns vast amounts of healthy oxygen into our environment. On top of that the Cork Oak forests of Portugal and Spain provide an important natural habitat for many species of animals.

Cork is sustainable, renewable and extremely kind to our environment. By choosing Asterisk Coatings "F" Series Spray Cork by Vipeq you are literally helping the world one spray at a time.


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