Introducing Asterisk Coatings

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Welcome to our blog, our first post! We're now ready to share everything from our front page, so this really is just our starting point. A moment for history, the public start of our journey which privately has been 18 months (or more) in the making...

Asterisk Coatings launches into 2019 with not only our own introduction to the Australasian market place, but also for the product range that we will introduce ourselves as the exclusive distributor for.

A natural, environmentally friendly decorative coating - (super product, more to come on that later) that offers benefits for both the developer / builder as well as the property occupier once applied.

We can't wait to share with you this brilliant, internationally patented technology.

Over the coming weeks we will open up, sharing a lot of information about our products and our plans to introduce this great new range to the Australasian market place.

We don't promise the most exciting colour range, but we do promise to offer a product that technically makes you go "wow".

We have a range of decorative coatings, not a paint, nor a render - a coating that can be applied to almost any substrate (except water) with superior adhesion properties. It is not the cheapest yet saves money for both the developer / builder and perhaps more importantly the occupier of the property. Plus, its production aids the planet earth that we all call home!

So, follow us, and sign up for our mailing list on our soon to be released website to stay up to date with all things Asterisk Coatings.

Visit, join as a member and take a look at the site before we take the curtains down later this week.


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