Is "green energy" really green?

We have a crisis, a real global crisis! All sides of politics almost even agree we do, it's just there is no bipartisan pleasing answers to solve it and keep getting our votes.

What is that crisis I refer to? - Global Warming of course.

One solution that is constantly discussed is "green energy", creating new solar, wind, hydrogen and possibly even nuclear solutions and ending coal fired power stations.

Yet there's one we seem to seldom hear - to not use, or to not need it (energy) in the first place.

Our auto industry is shifting towards electric and we are sold this as the new green solution. Cars are faster, quieter and emit less co2 than combustion engine vehicles. Yet the production of them is likely worse than a traditional combustion engine car of the past 20 years. Of course the ongoing need to charge the vehicle with more electricity. And then there are many end of life issues around the battery systems and how to recycle or safely dispose as well. End of life recycling issues extend to our solar panels and other technologies mentioned above.

So what if we simply did not use as much energy?

Imagine a home in Darwin or Cairns that didn't need to be air conditioned or cooled, or a home in the Victorian Alps that didn't need a heating system to regulate your comfort. This can happen with the choices we make pre construction and during renovations.