Thermal Properties of "F" Series Spray Cork - Protect your Ice

Updated: Apr 30

The old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words...

We are constantly out talking with architects, builders and property owners singing the thermal property praises of Asterisk Coatings F Series. The great thing about in person meetings are that we can also demonstrate first hand our claims.

As is evident in the video, Asterisk Coatings F Series - F.08 provides a true thermal break with the ice cube not wanting to melt, despite it's proximity to open gas flame. On the uncoated side, the ice does not stand a chance.

Imagine the sheet of glass to be a wall (or roof) on your house, and then you can start to imagine your air conditioner not working as hard to keep you comfortable. This of course not only means greater comfort for you, it also means SAVINGS on your energy bills!

The thermal conductivity of Asterisk Coatings F.08 / Vipeq's Spray Cork is 0.058 W/Mk.