The TV star(s)

Mike Holmes & Brendan Armstrong discuss Spray Cork
Mike Holmes, spreading the word of Spray Cork

Asterisk Coatings "F"Series - Vipeq's Spray Cork has appeared several times on major home improvement and building tv shows. Furthermore the hosts of these shows in both Europe and North America have taken things further and included the product under its various names on their recommended product lists.

Vipeq's Spray Cork has a number of identities around the world and is commonly referred to as Thermal Cork Shield (North America - Canada, USA & Mexico) and Cork-Sol's Thermo-Cork (Europe - Belgium & United Kingdom). In Spain it simply known as Spray Cork and here in Australia as "F" Series Spray Cork.

Mike Holmes, host of several TV shows bearing his name in North America is a Canadian legend who has gone as far as to regularly call out Thermal Cork Shield as the Product of the Century - whilst