To Good To Be True!?!

How did we not know about this product before now?

When I quite literally stumbled across this product of the century by mistake - it would have been easy to have marked it off as "too good to be true" and moved on.

Sitting in a bar in downtown Chicago a friend of mine (who I knew from another industry all together, and who had no prior knowledge to my prior involvements in the paint industry) had a friend who was doing some work with this new green technology...

He continued this product is super green (made with cork), fire retardant, mould mildew resistant, adheres to (almost) anything but water, lightweight, water resistant and best of all saves people money through it's awesome thermal insulation properties. Oh and it does this in two coats of the same product. By the way the two biggest markets in North America right now (then) were in the Arizona (hotter than Darwin) desert and in Toronto (colder than Tasmania, or Dunedin).

I left that trip and returned home to Australia having filed the conversation as interesting and I must look into it as some point. This chipped away at me for a few weeks and I started doing some checking, I couldn't discount any of the pitch. Surely it just can't be?