Why Choose "F" Series Spray Cork?

Updated: May 2

Street appeal, a financial return on your investment, property protection, good for the planet, good for you!

Asterisk Coatings "F" Series Spray Cork by Vipeq provides all of the above and much more.

F.08 - our standard Spray Cork option provides a pleasing finish which is easy on the eye. Available in 19 proprietary colours made from all natural colourants and finished in two coats by an accredited applicator, there is a finish that is just right for you. With a consistent texture and a beautiful soft feel finish you will have neighbours and visitors asking you about the coating on your property for years ahead. All of our colours are extremely colour fast and shown to fade at rates considerably slower than traditional paint systems.

Beyond looking good, Cork provides a natural insulating material. It just so happens that Cork along with Vipeq's resin system that is designed to copy the properties of cork make up F.08. We have seen first hand savings of between 20% & 50% on energy consumption (power bills) post application of F.08. If you are running air conditioning or heating systems more than 30% of the year we are confident you to will see these same outcomes.

The natural wonders of cork go further providing a fire retardant coating that will not propagate flame, and has a low smoke index rating as well. F.08 Spray Cork can also be used as an acoustic insulator, it inhibits mould and mildew from growing and is hypoallergenic.

Thinking of rendering? Then you have to consider Spray Cork as an obvious alternative that won't show hairline cracking as it has superior flexibility over traditional render systems that allow it to flex and cope with substrates expanding and contracting and the movements within their joints better.

Asterisk Coatings "F" Series Spray Cork by Vipeq has an extremely low carbon footprint and contains zero volatile organic compounds (VOC's).

The harvesting of the bark from Cork Oak trees to provide the raw materials required is also good for the environment and no tree is harmed during harvesting - an event that happens every 9 or so years over a 300+ year life cycle - now that's sustainable and makes our products raw material a renewable resource. Any one for renewable green energy?

Not to be forgotten is the 15 year transferrable warranty!

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