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Our Projects

Take a glance at some of the projects that Asterisk Coatings Accredited Applicators have completed using Vipeq Spray Cork, Map, Stone and more...


Full body blanket!

This modern home really is everything about the environment and quality air inside. With a constant air quality monitoring system aided by air filtration and now thermally insulated with "F" Series Spray Cork! 


FC Beautiful

When this house was raised and another level created, "F" Series Spray Cork became an obvious solution for an extra layer of thermal insulation on the FC Cladding. A beautiful texture to compliment the weatherboard upstairs.




The perfect thermal solution to this plastic manufacturing facility where temperature control meant so much. A stunning street scape of over 1000 sq meters of varying substrates. 



It truly was the 80's when this brick masterpiece was formed. Thanks to our accredited applicators who first applied a cement render skim coat before two coats of "F" Series Spray Cork for thermal, acoustic and decorative benefits for the home owners for the years ahead.