F Series - Gas Burner Demonstration

Watch how the ice melt's when directly exposed to flame yet with just 3mm of F Series applied to the tray the ice does not melt at all.

Then imagine this keeping the heat out of your property, or the warmth in.

Hot or Cold, Asterisk Coatings F Series does not discriminate in providing cost saving benefits.


The Red Coloured Building shown in this video is coated with Vipeq's Spray Cork - Asterisk Coatings F Series.


See how well the coating added protection to the structure by reducing flame spread, with the only visible damage being surface charring.

Ask us for a real demonstration today!

F Series - International Example in Fire Event
Durability of Spray Cork
Spray Cork Durability

See how our Spray Cork stands up to a fire hose durability test. The wall is coated in Vipeq's Spray Cork.


See how well the coating maintains structure and how durable it is when exposed to over 1600psi!

Ask us for a real demonstration today!

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